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I grew up going back and forth between my grandparents hotel, their real estate dealings, and their billboard business to a marginal mother who dealt with a pain pill addiction and who was a hippie Buddhist that gravitated towards a overly modest lifestyle; so essentially, half of the time I raised myself. 



grandparents hotel

I was always so fascinated with the process of building something from nothing, making something old look new,

and reading peoples faces to decide what they actually

like or don't like.  


I love the soul that comes with Kentucky. My family history forks to the second Governor of this commonwealth as well as farmers and market owners who started in Owsley County, one of the poorest counties in the nation. The one common thread in my family has always been in being a servant to this state and trying to leave a mark on this earth while leaving it better than we found it. 


My free spirited mother being her always.

So when I started Blue Blood, it was a billboard company with a side hustle of interior design. 

But as we have evolved, we have become a real estate company with a side of billboards.  From renovations, air b n b design and management, as well as subdivision development and house plan design for an area, and commercial, residential and outdoor design...It always goes back to what makes sense for the area, the story you want to tell, and the execution through each step that sets us apart from the rest. 


grandfather drilling for oil

So text us, call us, or shoot us an email... 
We are always up for coffee, a brainstorming session, or chatting over a cocktail.



wanted, passionately and persistently,


should subsist together in any well ordered life:
which she believed


-Edith Wharton

my boys and I

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