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Being from Kentucky and living close to the interstate means that sometimes we get the privilege of enjoying neat bourbon while watching the sunset over truckers, families, and weary travelers make their way up and down I-65 everyday. After doing this enough times there are certain observations to be made, and one of the the most notable observations is the amount of semi trucks headed north from the south. There are a lot of manufacturing and production headquarters south of Louisville which send everything up north. We thought this would be a good opportunity to create an interesting and interactive campaign in which we gather votes and life stories from those that spend the majority of their day on the road. A knowledge based campaign to see if people really think the “South Serves the North” – we welcome all opinions, insight on routes for industries, and good old stories about time spent on 65. 

You can just vote on Yes or No – the south serves the north – or comment in the section provided your story or productive comments. This is a good hearted campaign from an old Kentucky girl who’s family were farmers and land lovers, so be easy on the negativity.

       We welcome the input and love being a KY blueblood

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